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From: Kelly Luers
Sent: Thursday, May 13, 2010 3:33 PM
Subject: letter to the editor

Hi Larry, 

You may not remember me, but we have met a few times in the past.  I used to teach at Springboro as well.  I read the article in the paper, and must say, I’m completely disheartened.  

My letter follows: 

Dear Editor,

It saddens me deeply to see what has become of Springboro Schools after reading the article about teachers and unfair labor practices.  As a former teacher in the district, I must admit that I too was naïve about life in the public sector.  Now that I am on a different career path I have come to realize that I had it great.  I had a job with a guaranteed salary, great benefits, generous vacation time, and wonderful working hours.  I didn’t know what the rest of the world has to do to receive such a beneficial career opportunity.   

The responses of these teachers to our board member Kelly Kohls is embarrassing and disgusting to say the very least.  It is nothing short of a witch hunt.  

Bring me some accountability.  Prove to me, fellow teachers, that your values are driven for the kids.  Nowhere in the private sector are we guaranteed ANYTHING.   If you are practicing what you preach, make your supplemental voluntary, not paid.  Realize that most people are getting pay cuts, be thankful you at worst maintain an equitable (to say the very least) salary.  

My family has chosen, and I repeat, chosen to enroll our children in parochial schools.  Our kids can learn without air-conditioning, without televisions and smart boards and multiple computers in each room, with no less than 28 in each class, with every club, activity, and sport being driven by volunteers.

I am tired of the whining and complaining.  I beg you to open your eyes and see what is going on in the rest of your community.  It is the time to buck up, and sacrifice for the good of your district.  That is truly for the kids.  Show how we can give of ourselves without always having a hand out in return.  

Kelly Luers

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From: "Annetta M Kabler" 

Date: 02/12/2010 02:21 PM


Subject: Re: School Board Meeting


    I was disappointed that I was not able to speak @ the meeting last evening but I suppose I will have to learn to be more aggressive in the future.  I get the impression from some of the board members that they have forgotten why they wanted to be on the board. I would think that the mission stated would be to make a difference for the benefit of the students, community, employees, etc.  Did your one "no" vote cause the insurance to go back to the drawing board or did the majority get it passed anyway?  I feel like some of the members of the board do not appreciate the interaction with the citizens of the community. However, if a levy is on the ballot then they will want our participation in a positive manner. I have lived here for 30+ years and have worked hard with the schools, clubs, churches, etc.. of Springboro.  However, I am becoming dis-enchanted as I feel that these are difficult times. Instead of asking for more from the tax payers, why not understand the meaning of words such as : budget, improvising, and sacrifice.  It seems that the ones that are always sacrificing are the taxpayers.  When I moved here 30+ years ago, there was a spirit of come together as a community. Instead of division within the community we came together and through dedication, fund-raisers, volunteering, etc, we took this town from a village to a city. Growth is great but must be done responsibly.  Please keep up the great work that we elected you for.  I commend you for standing true to your core values and beliefs.

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From: "Linda Hurley" 
Date: 02/13/2010 11:15 AM
Subject: Re: February 9 School Board Meeting

   I watched the MVCC presentation last night, February 12, and am expressing my thanks to you for hearing citizen's comments before voting on the very complicated insurance issue.  I also heard a citizen at the meeting request that you remove some information from your website.  As a Springboro citizen, I am requesting that all information remain posted on your very helpful website. Thank you for considering my request.  Your time and
interest in serving our school district is appreciated.  

Linda Hurley,
Concerned 'Boro Citizen

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From: "Barbara" 
Date: 02/14/2010 09:29 PM
Subject: Re: compliments

I would like to commend you on standing up to the rest of the  school board related to the recent health care issue.  I was in  attendance at the meeting and was amazed at the atmosphere in that meeting.  I am sorry that at least some of the Springboro Teachers feel they must be praised by parents and supervisors on a daily basis and then feel if the board does not pass the health care issue that they are less appreciated.  Most people chose their
professions based on a passion for that area and maybe those that  
feel they must be praised and are unappreciated because they are not compensated the way they feel they should be should explore other professions.  I am a life long Springboro Resident and Springboro High School graduate.  When I went to school teachers conducted themselves professionally inside and outside the classrooms.  I understand the teachers concern about the increase in the amount they may have had to put towards their benefits package but that is not specific for just teachers.  Unfortunately they are the only profession that I am aware of that can attend the sessions that  conduct the vote and decision regarding those issues. I really have a lot more to say but I think you get my view on things.  I also hope you realize that you are appreciated by the public that wants fiscal responsibility while maintaining excellence in education.  


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